Thursday, April 11, 2013

What I Noticed

I noticed that Sweeney likes to play devils advocate, and he loves when we get deep in to controversial topics. He sits back and enjoys it to its full potential. sometimes he will start a topic knowing it will stir the class up into commotion and i enjoy it as well. that is what makes the class so fun.


This topic will be very easy to write about and I'm very intrigued in what i can discuss. I was happy when our class chose this topic for last b/c everything is so broad and I feel as though you can talk about anything. The easiest topic is graded the highest so i am very confident that i will get a good grade on this paper

Grammer Schramer

Grammar Schramers are exciting b/c we all get a chance to teach one another and talk about controversial topics. Our group goes Monday and Friday, hopefully the class is entirely interested.


Yesterday in English, we played a fun game of Taboo and i earned my group up to eleven points! so that obviously means we get five point towards our last paper.

Monday, March 4, 2013


Today we had a guess speaker and it was quite exciting to hear the things he spoke about. He said that there will be classes in the near future that would be offered abroad! I have never been outside the country so i am very interested as how that will play out. Why not take the opportunity and adapt to a different cultural all while learning? I am pleased to hear that Richard Bland College is expanding, that is exactly what this school needs. Maybe more people will be attracted to this school.


Family is our next argumentative topic. This is a broad topic and we came up with a lot of subtopics which took some of the pressure off my back. I still have not chosen my subtopic but i do have a lot to choose from so it may take me a while to pin down exactly what it is i want to write about.

Argumentative Papers

Argumentative papers are a pain! when choosing a topic, the writer always have to look at every aspect to prove that point and that mean a lot of research and sources and that's not always easy. I chose this class to become a well rounded writer, I hope to do just that b/c researching and siting isn't my best.